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CBD Oil Consumption May Result In THC-Positive Urine Screenings and Disciplinary Action

CBD Oil Consumption May Result In THC-Positive Urine Screenings and Disciplinary Action

Recently, Chapman Law Group retained a few licensees whom found on their own in big trouble using the Florida Department of Health for testing positive for THC in either urine that is pre-employment or random tests in the office. The allegation is that they’re unlawfully making use of marijuana in violation of state legislation, and for that reason they may be impaired. What exactly is inquisitive, but, is the fact that a number of our consumers try not to take advantage of cannabis. How is it possible? In this predicament if you are a CBD oil user, you might find yourself.

List of positive actions if You Test Positive for THC and you’re a CBD Oil customer

Good Urine Screening Consequences

The consequences of testing good are severe. Companies have to report those that test positive for illegal substances. The Department is needed to investigate all complaints received, and for that reason will start an investigation contrary to the licensee. During the root of the Department’s inquiry would be whether or not the licensee is suffering from drug abuse disorders, if they can be an impaired practitioner, and if they are unsafe to train and a danger to general public safety. Licensees could possibly be expected to head to IPN/PRN for assessment and may also have to enter a monitoring contract. Licensees may be fired from their work and locate by themselves paying out for costly evaluations or remedies without creating earnings. As well as, licensees might risk suspension system of the permit indefinitely.

Frequently people avoid employing legal counsel since they are worried about expenses. We request you to think about the expenses you may spend at the start for appropriate defense additionally the expenses you would find yourself incurring if perhaps you were forced into IPN or PRN.